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Young Visakhapatnam cyclist tops mountain biking race

VISAKHAPATNAM: It’s just a little more than a year that 14-year-old city boy Tarang Nagar started taking cycling seriously as a sport and participated in road and mountain biking. But he kept winning laurels in almost every attempt in all terrains.

Tarang’s latest achievement is securing the first position in the student category in mountain terrain biking (MTB) event held in Nainital between April 21 and 23. He was also the youngest cyclist who successfully completed the Shimla MTB held in mid-April.

Speaking about the events, the class X student of a city school said, “At Nainital, I completed (85 + 35 kilometres) in nine hours, while for Shimla MTB, I covered 36+38 kilometres in six-and-a-half hours. In MTB Nainital, where I stood first, there were only 12 finishers out of 35 and in MTB Shimla, where there were 115 participants including 16 in student category, I was the youngest rider and finished fifth.”

 Apart from mountain biking, Tarang has also been a regular participant in the BRMs held in AP from time to time. BRMs are rides of fixed distances meant to be completed within specified time limits. These are considered a gateway to qualifying in international cycling events or Randonneurs. Between October 2015 and February 2016, Tarang has participated and successfully completed BRMs of 200, 300 and 600 kilometres.
“Though I like both types of cycling (mountain biking and road biking) for the fun and thrill that they offer, mountain biking is even more challenging than road riding. The long distance BRMs test your endurance, while mountain terrain biking is all about power cycling,” quipped Tarang.
Son of navy officer Commander Animesh Nagar, Tarang is also a good swimmer and has qualified to compete in state level competitions, which will be held soon. “I’m also looking forward to MTB Himalayas – a week-long racing event in September – where I would be cycling from Shimla to Leh,” Tarang averred.
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