Animated movies drawing all age groups to theatres

It is nice to be in an imaginary world for a while that is embellished with picture perfect landscapes and a realm of jungle that makes one forget about the rest.

With ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Kungu Fu Panda 3’ continuing to make the cash registers ringing loud at the box office, the 3D formats provide the much-needed flavour to those who wish to be in their own world.

Be it the cute and cuddly ‘Po’, Panda and champion of the Valley of Peace, who sets out on a fun-filled journey and in the process unlocks the secret of his origin in the film Kung Fu Panda 3 or Mowgli, the man-cub of The Jungle Book , bonding with a pack of wolves, what sets these animated movies apart is how they give way for an out of the world experience and lends a visual treat to the viewers glued to their seats, wearing 3D glasses.

Quirky movies

Interestingly, these quirky movies not only capture the fandom but also draw audiences of diverse age groups to the theatres.

“Animated movies offer the much-required fun element. The best part of watching a 3D film is that we can forget about the real life for a couple of hours and drift away into a different world that is loaded with fun and fantasy,” says Roopsha Bhattacharjee, a college student who is fond of animated films.

While these digitally-empowered formats have been gaining popularity among movie buffs for all the frills attached, there is also an increasing demand for different versions of animation filmmaking course. “When the training centre was set up five years ago, we had a few students walking in. But now it has a 500-plus team as animation artists are very much in demand globally. With several opportunities opening up for the aspirants such as game development, filmmaking and graphic designing in print and electronic media, the animation sector is growing in leaps and bounds across the world,” observes G. Sridhar Reddy, CEO of Millennium School of Animation.

Besides the visual effects, another main component that drives a bunch of filmmakers to incorporate graphic designs while weaving a story is the price factor which turns out to be comparatively economical.

With several opportunities opening up, the animation sector is growing in leaps and bounds.

G. Sridhar Reddy

CEO of Millennium School of Animation

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