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Six more airport parking bays by May 2017

Visakhapatnam: At a time when Visakhapatnam Airport is witnessing a surge in air traffic, the proposal to construct six additional parking bays is likely to take one more year to be completed. Airport officials told TOI that construction of six additional parking bays is likely to be completed by May 2017.

The proposal for six additional parking bays at the Visakhapatnam Airport was mooted about a year ago. Currently, the airport has six parking bays, which are used by aircraft to park upon arrival. According to sources, additional parking bays are needed to accommodate more airlines – especially during the peak time between 7.30 and 9.30 am.

Speaking to TOI, airport director Vinod Kumar Sharma said, “Around 30% of the work has been completed and the project is in full swing. We are confident that the work will be completed well before the target date of May 2017.”

 “The development of additional parking bays involves a lot of work as it is located on low land and the water from the area has to be drained out. After that we need to fill the area with soil and conduct soil tests to ensure that it can withstand the high pressure. We are continuously monitoring the process and once the land filling is completed, we will go for laying concrete. This is a time consuming process and we are undertaking the work as per the standard procedure,” he said.
 “Around 10 flights land in Vizag between 7.40 and 9.15 am every day. But, Vizag airport has only six bays to offer for airlines. Until some of these flights depart from the port city, others flying in have to wait. However, if we have additional parking bays, then the airlines need not necessarily wait for other aircraft to take off. Also, it will lead to lesser fuel costs as they don’t need to keep circling the airport for want of a parking bay,” opined airline enthusiast Gunadeep Narendrapuram.
 “Almost every day, at least two aircraft are delayed by around 15 minutes to half an hour due to lack of parking bays,” observed another frequent air traveller Ravikumar Murthy.