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Passenger rush: Rlys to run summer spl trains

Visakhapatnam: In order to clear the extra rush of passengers during the summer, the railways has decided to run special trains.

The 00841 Howrah-Chennai Central AC weekly special will leave Howrah on Saturdays till June 25 at 12.40 pm and reach Visakhapatnam on Sundays at 2.05 am and depart at 2.35 am to reach Chennai Central on Sundays at 3.05 pm. In the return direction, the 00842 Chennai Central-Howrah AC weekly special will leave Chennai Central on Sundays till June 26 at 5.10 pm to reach Visakhapatnam on Mondays at 5.15 am and depart at 5.35 am to reach Howrah on Sundays at 6.30 pm.

The 07149 Secunderabad-Guwahati Express will leave Secunderabad on Fridays from April 22 to May 27 at 7.30 am to reach Visakhapatnam the same day at 8.35 pm and depart at 8.55 pm to reach Guwahati on Sundays at 8.45 am. In the return direction, the 07150 Guwahati-Secunderabad Express will leave Guwahati on Mondays from April 25 to May 30 at 6.15 am to reach Visakhapatnam on Tuesdays at 5.15 pm and depart at 5.35 pm to reach Secunderabad the next day at 9.15 am.

The 02510 Kamakhya-Bangalore Cantonment weekly Suvidha Express will leave Kamakhya on Tuesdays from April 12 to June 28 at 8.10 pm to reach Vizianagaram on Thursdays at 12.50 am and depart at 1 am on Wednesday to reach Bangalore Cantonment the same day at 9.15 pm. In the return direction, the 02509 Bangalore Cantonment-Kamakhya weekly Suvidha Express will leave Bangalore Cantonment on Fridays from April 15 to July 1 at 10.15 am to reach Vizianagaram the next day at 6.05 am and depart at 6.20 am to reach Kamakhya on Sundays at 1.30 pm.

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