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Online registration leading to rise in land grabbing cases

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Visakhapatnam: Thanks to the shoddy manner in which the online implementation of the AP Record of Rights Act has been taken up, land sharks are having a field day grabbing land from the true holders in the district. Sources in the district administration disclosed that they have received over 2,500 complaints since the programme was taken up.

However, neither the state government nor the concerned authorities have bothered to look into the flaws of the online system, which include getting the names on the online records wrong, errors concerning changes of classification, errors in survey numbers and sub-division numbers and non-record of cultivation details.

Members of the Raithu Swarjya Vedika and Natwan Sangham along with Adivasala Sangha Vedika conducted a survey on the online implementation of the AP Record of Rights Act and will conduct a public jury in the Port City on July 2. The jury is to be headed by a five-member committee, which has already expressed its views on the ill-implementation of the system.

Elaborating on the issue, former union energy secretary EAS Sarma said, “The state government’s efforts to ensure that everything is available online is going the wrong way. First and foremost, the surveyors are not being brought into the picture. More importantly, land records are being put online in a faulty manner by incompetent people who only have the skill to type on a computer and nothing more.”

Sarma also observed that tribals and members of other marginalised communities were at the receiving end of this hastily conceived project which would only lead to increasing number of litigations.

Sources working on this project have disclosed that the fault lines were not being drawn merely because of innocent errors, but also because of interested realtors and certain officials who seem to be more interested in making money.

According to members of the Raithu Swarajya Vedika, unless the nexus between the political class, the realtors and the officials is broken, the farming community will eventually have to sell itself out.