There are at least 10 dance schools with several small ones cropping up in the recent past

Not just for the sake of fitness or simply to shake a leg at a party, youngsters in the city are now taking to various dance styles in order to master the forms and instructors and choreographers are jumping on the dance bandwagon to cash in on the trend.

In less than two years, the city has seen a mushrooming of dance institutes – big and small – and the demand has been growing. There are at least 10 established dance institutes in the city with several small ones cropping up in the recent past.

Dance instructor Daniel Niranjan, who has been taking classes and workshops on different dance styles for the past three years, says youngsters now seek to learn dance styles like Hip Hop and are keen to explore beyond Bollywood or freestyle.

“Three years ago, my first class had a bunch of seven kids. Back then I used to take just weekend classes. Now, I have classes all days a week and have 80 students in the city learning various dance styles,” says Daniel, who specialises in Hip Hop and Street Jazz. He currently takes classes in Dance Nation at MVP Colony and also conducts dance workshops in the city.

According him, youngsters in the age group of 10 to 17 years are more open to learning new dancing styles. “ This kind of awareness is very new in the city. In fact it is challenging for instructors as well who have to keep upgrading their dance skills to match up to the demand,” he adds. He will be introducing a new dance style called Street Jazz in his classes shortly.

Dance instructor Sharad Pirate, who has been in this field for the past six years, says that the dance culture has evolved to a great extent over the years.

“Earlier, people would learn choreography for a specific purpose and leave. Now people walk in to my classes and ask for specific dance styles. That itself reflects the changing trend,” says Sharad, who is currently attending a Latin Dance Festival called ‘Bailamos’ in Mumbai. Interestingly, corporates are also warming up to learn dance styles.

Sharad conducts a weekly class for the employees of Concentrix. “There has been lot of enquiries from the Navy and other corporates as well,” he adds.

According to Sohail Singh Gill, a dance instructor and part of the Destiny Breakers Crew, this trend has been augmented by the popularity of reality dance shows in television.

He conducts classes at Nirvana Studio at MVP Colony.

There are at least 10 dance schools with several small ones cropping up in the recent past

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