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Kuchipudi workshop inaugurated in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam: Despite being internationally acclaimed, Kuchipudi lacks uniformity in some of its Bangimas (postures), leading to criticism, said danseuse Manju Bharghavee at the inauguration of a 10-day international Kuchipudi workshop in the city on Thursday. The workshop is being organised by Nataraj Music and Dance Academy (NMDA), TANA (Telugu Association of North America) and Andhra University.
“The workshop has been specifically developed to overcome such criticism. It has been designed to give a deep insight into the introduction to Kuchipudi Natyam, its history, origin, repertoire, the transformation from traditional dance drama to modern solo format, both in theory and practical alike,” she said.
On the occasion, AU registrar Velagapudi Uma Maheswarao said the dance form had been an integral part of the varsity. “In the days to come, Andhra University would take necessary measures to develop the art of dance by introducing a Masters in Classical Dance programme,” he added.
“The unique workshop would have classes introducing Kuchipudi Natyam, master performers, traditional teacher-student (Guru Sishya) relationship and an hour of traditional yoga session in the morning and hence all the participants must attend the workshop wearing appropriate clothes,” said Bathina Vikram Goud, founder president of NMDA. The workshop aims at improving the presentation capabilities of the participants by giving insights into the rhythmic patterns of singing (based on Swaras and Natyasastra), Sanskrit (chapters extracted from Natyasastra), fundamentals and phrasing of steps (in Jathis and Kuchipudi items), emotion and imagination for expression (based on the four aspects of Natyam), character intentness and improvisation in drama and the role of characterisation, posture and creativity for scene improvisation.
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