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Hawkers: Menace to some, god-sent for others

Visakhapatnam: For the past twenty years, the number of hawkers in the city has grown steadily. While some are believed to be a menace, some are credited for rendering genuine service.
Relatives of those admitted in KGH benefit heavily from the services of these roadside vendors who sell cheap plastic ware such as mugs, buckets, towels and other basic necessities. Some other vendors serve food at half the rate of that sold in MVP or near the RTC Complex.
“A decent plate of idli can still be availed for less than Rs 12 near the KGH and the quality of food is good,” said S Kirasnaih from Salur. KGH is one of the key hospitals that caters to poor patients from the three districts of North Coastal AP as well as Odisha and Chhattisgarh. It is the single largest multi-speciality government hospital in residuary AP.
KV Appa Rao, who sells plastic ware near KGH, said, “Most of the people who come to KGH are either unprepared or come there because they lack the financial resources required to admit the patient in a private hospital. Keeping their needs and budget in mind, we serve these people with wares at prices less than that in the organised market.”
Some of the vendors are wholesalers by themselves while a few acquire wares for a negligible price leading to the low selling price. Considering their services, the question arises are these people a pain or gain? From the civic point of view, especially concerning residents of the city, these vendors are a menace. They have taken over footpaths and roads, littered waste and caused clogging of drains. Yet to some, they have helped save money at times of need
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