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GVMC to tap Raiwada, Tandava reservoirs

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With the levels in the Yeleru reservoir reaching the rock bottom, a month after the second-stage pumping began, the GVMC has been forced to look for alternatives to meet the critical summer supply situation.

The second-stage pumping will be stopped probably from May 15 leaving the Municipal Corporation with a deficit of 110 cusecs. The Yeleru reservoir, with a capacity of 24 tmc ft., is now left with a meagre 1 to 1.5 tmc ft.

To make up for it, the District Collector has accorded permission to tap water from the Tandava and Raiwada reservoirs from May 15, it is learnt.

The two reservoirs are expected to supply about 60 cusecs each by the time water reaches the Kanithi Balancing Reservoir.

The tapping of the two agricultural reservoirs has not been resorted to since 1990s i.e., before the Yeleru reservoir and canal were constructed to meet the needs of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, sources say.

“Turning to the two reservoirs in the current year underlines the critical water supply situation to meet domestic and industrial needs,” said an expert on condition of anonymity.

Through Sarada river

While water is taken from the Raiwada canal continuously, supply from the reservoir will now supplement it. The Raiwada reservoir gates will be opened onto the Sarada riverbed and through an irrigation groyne of the river the stream joins the Yeleru canal near Anakapalle, sources say. Release of about 150 cusecs of water is expected from the reservoir, situated about 60 km from the city.

Similarly, from the Tandava reservoir, about 80 km from here, another 100 cusecs of water will be released through its irrigation canal and received in the Yeleru canal about 15 km from Anakapalle. The irrigation canal is positioned above the Yeleru canal and a temporary arrangement to link the two will be made, it is learnt.

As the Kanithi Balancing Reservoir is situated nearby, water will reach there without much loss due to evaporation, seepage or theft. Release of water from the Yeleru canal is vulnerable to loss on all the three counts.

With poor levels and water not flowing by gravity, pumping from the dead storage of 71.5 metres in the Yeleru reservoir had begun as early as January 25. The second-stage pumping, resorted to after 14 years, began in the second week of April.

Water from the Yeleru is being supplemented by pumping of 150 cusecs from the Kateru pumping scheme on the Godavari near Rajahmundry.

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