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GVMC prepares Rs 7.6 cr summer plan

Visakhapatnam: The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has decided to spend Rs 7.6 crore under its annual summer action plan to provide uninterrupted water supply to consumers in its limits covering Anakapalle, Bheemili and Vizag city.

The action plan would mainly focused on maintenance of the water supply system instead of water procurement as all the reservoirs are flowing nearly to the brim due to the abundant northeast monsoon rains in October and November last year.

GVMC commissioner Pravin Kumar said that the plan was already in place and includes pumping water from Yeleru reservoir, additional usage of 80 water tankers to meet the demand, bore well repairs and maintenance, procurement of bore well spare parts, attend to pipeline leakages, drilling of new bore wells if required, and reservoir action plan to attend to any complaints within 24 hours.

“Our aim is to supply 110 MGD (million gallons per day) of water for 45-60 minutes during the summer without any compromise. We used to supply same quantity of water during the previous months,” Pravin Kumar said.

A senior GVMC official said that of the total Rs 7.6 crore, nearly Rs 70 lakh was allocated for hiring water tankers, Rs 60 lakh for repair and maintenance of existing bore wells, Rs 1.5 crore for replacement of valves in leaking taps across corporation limits, Rs 40 lakh for replacement of water pumping motors aged over 15 years, Rs 50 lakh for hiring vehicles to transport bore well materials, and Rs 80 lakh for digging new bore wells.
“Water levels in the corporation’s main water sources such as reservoirs are in satisfactory levels, except the Yeleru reservoir. We hope that the existing water position can quench the thirst of the citizens during summer at the present rate of supply of 110 MGD per day,” Pravin Kumar said.

At present, the corporation supplies 110 MGD of water to 4.8 lakh households in the city including Bheemili and Anakapalli, against the average demand of 130 MGD.
GVMC officials attributed the demand and supply gap to the wastage of water due various reasons including open canal system to get water from the main water sources besides leakages in the distribution system.

“Nearly 20-30% of the water allocated to GVMC from various water sources, including reservoirs and canals, is currently wasted due to pilferage, evaporation and leakages in pipelines,” the GVMC officer said.

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