District Collector urges government to finalise one of them. Among the parameters fixed for the sites were: distance from the airport, railway station, bus station, and approach road.

A preliminary feasibility study of 12 locations in and around Visakhapatnam for stationing India’s aircraft carrier INS Viraat after decommissioning has shortlisted four of them.

To carrying the exercise forward, District Collector N. Yuvaraj has requested the government to send technical experts and consultants to finalise one of the sites, it is reliably learnt.

As part of the ambitious plan to turn the aircraft carrier into a tourist/hospitality facility, the District Collector has formed a committee comprising experts from the National Institute of Oceanography, Institute of Development and Policy Studies, professors of Andhra University, officers of the Navy, VUDA, GVMC and the Tourism Department and other experts. The committee constituted had met at VUDA office with Vice-Chairman T. Baburao Naidu presiding and later took up a field visit.


Among the parameters fixed for the sites were: distance from the airport, railway station, bus station, approach road, feasibility of developing 80 or 100-foot a master plan road, sea environment feasibility and commercial viability.

The committee had visited VUDA Park side, Lawson’s Bay Park area, Kailasagiri Health Arena, Lumbini Park, Tenneti, Jodugullapalem/Gullavanipalem stretch, Sagarnagar, Rushikonda, Managamaripeta, Thotalkonda, area opposite INS Kalinga and Bhimili.

Taking the parameters into consideration, the committee after its site inspection ranked the following as per priority: Gudlavanipalem stretch opposite Indira Gandhi Zoo Park, Sagarnagar Coastal and Offshore area, Coastal and offshore area of VUDA Park and Central Part of Jodugullapalem Bay.

VUDA will obtain the status of the four sites and connectivity to the project site. Further detailing on hydrographic studies would be collated by IDPS/NIO from the available data. VUDA would partner with the Navy and a private firm yet to be identified in converting INS Viraat into a hotel after its decommissioning. The decommissioning is yet to take place.

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