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Dilip Patro ready with safety plans

Dilip Patro Safety plans

He is the first nominee on council

Charting out a fresh action plan, director and founder secretary of The Ability People, Dilip Patro, says that his new role as a nominated member of the Andhra Pradesh State Road Safety Council sets him on a new track.

From conducting road safety awareness programmes to implementing guidelines issued by the Supreme Court for Good Samaritans (those who help road accident victims), he says a lot needs to be done and reach out to accident victims.

Sharing his plans with The Hindu at the centre on Saturday, he said: “Besides focusing on campaigns such as ‘Project Bhavishya’ and ‘No helmet no petrol’, care will be taken to instil traffic discipline among school and college students.

Tailor-made orientation programmes for auto-rickshaw drivers on road safety, promoting accident-prone area adoption concept among students, taking steps to include road safety and emergency care in school curriculum and working in tandem with Police, Health, Education and Transport Departments top the priority list,” asserts the first nominee on the State Road Safety Council.

A couple of decades back, Mr. Patro, who was a dynamic software professional, met with a road accident and became wheelchair-bound.

“I missed the opportunity to fly to the U.S. as my spine was badly affected and life was never the same after the mishap. However, My disability never stopped me from going ahead with my mission. Since I could relate to chronic pain and discomfort better, the State-level Council will guide me to put forward the demands of the victims and improve their standard of living to the maximum extent,” says Mr. Patro.

Indicating that his part as a new member of the council inspires him to intensify his campaigns, Mr. Patro said that he would bring all the stakeholders on board to take concrete measures and help reduce the number of road accidents substantially.