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Cake-mixing heralds start of festive season

Cake mising heralf for Chrishtmas was started in vizag with liquor and ingrediants mix image

Mixture marinated with spices and liquor will be stored in a container
The festive season has just set in and Christmas may be less than two months away, but city hotels are heralding in the yuletide spirit with the annual affair of cake mixing.

Hotel Grand Bay was the first in the city to usher in the mood of Christmas with a fun cake mixing ceremony involving the hotel staff and guests on Saturday. Several gloved hands poured in liquor as the team of the hotel staff and guests wielded their magic on the invigorating mixture weeks before Christmas.

The heady mix contains tutti-frutti, black currants, dates, almonds, apricots, prunes, figs, cherries and walnuts, along with a whiff of the choicest spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. “The dry fruits and nuts are soaked with a concoction of Indian and imported alcohol and spirits such like rum, brandy, whisky and wine for more than a year. This will be stored in vats and continuously churned so that all the fruits would soak up the alcohol evenly. This year’s mixture will be used to prepare plum cakes next year,” said hotel’s executive chef J. Kiran.

The mixture marinated with spices and liquor will be stored in a container until next year’s festive season. The more it is kept for fermentation the cake tastes better. From mid December till the first week of January, there will be a takeaway counter of plum cakes and puddings at the hotel.

Christmas and New Year plans

With the busiest period of the hotel industry setting in, Hotel Grand Bay has lined up events for the festive revellers. “At our restaurants, we will be hosting events centred around food and music in December for Christmas and New Year,” General Manager of the hotel Rajesh Nath said. This apart, The Resident restaurant will soon give an overhaul to its menu. “The thrust will continue to be on oriental cuisine but it will have a totally new menu. We plan to roll out the new menu by the end of November,” Mr. Nath added.

The hotel has seen a healthy traction from the corporate travel segment with the city hosting important events such as BRICS Summit and the International Sea Food Show taking place in the recent past. “We have seen a lot of interest from the corporate travel segment and these events have helped us to boost our revenue. Overall, we have seen double digit year-on-year growth in our revenues,” he said.