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Ayush awaits land allotment for university, hospital, research institute

VISAKHAPATNAM: If everything goes as planned, south India’s first Ayush University, Hospital and Research Institute will come up in Sabbavaramwith work commencing within a few months. According to sources, the state department of Ayush has approached district collector N Yuvaraj for 100 acres of land in this regard and land in Sabbavaram mandal, around 35 km from city, is being considered for the purpose. Now, the department is waiting for formal allotment of land by the state government.

Post bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, there were talks about setting up an Ayurveda University in residual AP and in this year’s budget, Rs 3 crore was allotted to commence the initial works. However, the Ayush department is not restricting the project to just an academic institute, but planning to establish an integrated teaching hospital and advanced research institute within the premises.

Speaking to TOI, state commissioner of Ayush and ex-officio secretary to the department D Nalinimohan said, “A few months ago, we had approached the district collector to allot us 100 acres in the district for the institute. Our Ayush project is included in the list of requirement of lands along with indents placed by other departments for various other projects. We were told about the land in Sabbavaram mandal, which we had gone and inspected. We are now waiting for formal communication from the government regarding land allocation. This process may take around two-three months after which initial work will start once the suitability of the land is checked by an expert team.”

Though it’s not mandatory, the department would prefer land near natural forest area as it would be an added advantage for the research institute in conservation and production of ayurvedic medicines and in collecting herbs and raw

“Once the land is finalised, we will prepare a detailed project report for the government and after that tender process can follow and works can commence this year itself. It would take three-five years for the Ayush project to be completed. The plan is to tie-up with NGOs, academic institutes or colleges and established local research organisations and experts for research and academic works. The Ayush institute would focus not just on the academics or university, but would have an integrated 100-plus bed hospital catering to all the alternative systems of medicine. Besides, the advanced research institute should have facilities for studying the diseases, research and record in the molecular level,” Nalinimohan said.

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