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ATA(I) urges for improving facilities at Vizag Airport

Visakhapatnam: In order to make Viskhapatnam airport a full-fledged international airport, Air Travellers Association of India (ATA (I)) has urged Union civil aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju to take up various development works including increasing the terminal space and runway length.

In a letter to the civil aviation minister, ATA(I) president D Varada Reddy said, “The terminal building should be lengthened with additional 50,000 sqft space for international arrivals/departures, commercial space for duty free shops and other commercial outlets, larger space for customs and immigrations facilities, more check-in counters and space for security should be added as immediate necessities.”

He said, “the runway currently is of 10,030 ft length and should be extended to 12,500 ft to enable larger aircraft like Dreamliner (Boeing 787) and Airbus 380.” He also urged the minister to examine the possibility of requesting INS DEGA (who operate Vizag airport) to make provision for a second parallel runway to meet the growing demands of the future.

Furthermore, he said, “Passenger and baggage screening areas should be increased to meet the peak hour rush in the mornings and evenings.” He also urged that 24 more apron spaces be provided to meet the further needs of the airport and at the same, to provide for night parking of aircraft and mini MRO.

He urged the minister to consider giving exemption under a bilateral agreement to Visakhapatnam to allow flights to operate from Gulf cities like Sharjah, Dubai, Ras-al-Khaimah, Oman, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait and also enable airlines like Emirates, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, Oman Airlines, Qatar Airlines and Kuwait Airlines to operate directly to Visakhapatnam.

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