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An artist’s reflection of nature and tribal life

The latest works of artist A. Gunavathi exhibited at Rajiv Smruthi Bhavan, Beach Road, centers on tribal women and the relationship between nature and tribal life.

The works evoke a sense of tranquillity in the viewer through the portrayal of a serene life which draws a distinct contrast to the changing dynamics of the modern world. One of her works of an old tribal woman holding a child conjures up her imaginative world founded upon the idyll of tribal life.

Many of the artist’s works are a reflection of her deep association with nature. The natural elements of flora and fauna in the works symbolizes the simplicity and unhurried charm of rural life.

Gunavathi, a self-taught artist, made her foray into art about a decade ago. “When I held the brush for the first time, it gave me a chance to connect to nature and people. The canvas gives us a new and different perspective of the world we live in. Nature has always filled me with awe and has been my source of inspiration,” says the artist.

Her stay amidst the concrete jungle of Mumbai for five years made her restless to go back to her roots in the villages and pushed her further towards landscape art. In Mumbai, her association with the Mumbai Art Society opened up a platform where she could explore the medium through watercolors and oil paintings.

“Mumbai has a rich art culture and gives ample scope for an artist to discover new techniques and interact with accomplished artists at regular art camps,” says Gunavathi, who moved to Visakhapatnam six years ago.

A series of works displayed in the exhibition showcase her proficiency in watercolor and acrylic medium where she goes on a creative journey to capture familiar green valleys of Araku, quaint fishing colonies of the region or the rustic charm of the ancient township of Bhimli.

For Gunavathi, painting may have started as a practice, but over the years it has turned into a lifelong love affair.

The exhibition will be on till May 10 and is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.