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AP Farmers to get remote controls for operating agri pumps

Visakhapatnam: The energy department recently held discussions with the Delhi-based Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) to install remote controls in all the 15 lakh agricultural pumps within the Vizag-based Eastern Power Distribution Company of AP Limited (APEPDCL) and Tirupati-based Southern Power Distribution Company of AP Limited (APSPDCL) limits to prevent farmers from dying due to electrocution.

There are two lakh agriculture pumps in APEPDCL limits while APSPDCL has 13 lakh pumps within their jurisdiction.

According to discom officials, every year, nearly 300 farmers die while operating the pumps at night to avail the free power supply. The main reasons for their deaths are electrocution, snake bites, and contact with live wires.

EESL officials are scheduled to visit APEPDCL next month to study the possibilities of installing the remote controls.

Confirming the news to TOI, APEPDCL chairman and managing director R Mutyala Raju said the discom provides free power supply at night to nearly 1.45 lakh out of 2 lakh farmers in East Godavari and West Godavari districts.

“Providing the farmers with remote controls to switch on or off the pumps from their homes is a suitable option to prevent deaths within the discom limits. Most of the houses are almost 10-15 km away from the fields. But, these remote controls can function even at such a distance. An EESL team is scheduled to study the mode of operation next month. They will first test a few pumps on a trial basis. If it is successful, then the rest of the pump sets in the state will be fitted with the system before the south-west monsoon sets in next year,” Mutyala Raju said.

Meanwhile, a professor from Andhra University’s department of electronics engineering, said such controls are mostly used through mobile phones. “The remote control helps a farmer to switch on or off the pumps easily by just giving a missed call to a number set in the system. Farmers can also set the running time of a pump after it is switched on,” he said.

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