About Vizag

About Vizag

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History of Visakhapatnam

Some believe that the region got its name from its first ruler- King Visakha Varma while some opine that the city was named after the second son of Lord Shiva. There are several adaptations forwarded by the historians about the early history of Visakhapatnam, each narrating an intriguing tale of the city’s past. Several Hindu kingdoms such as the Vengi, Chalukyas, Pallavas and Cholas held their dominance over the land. However, with the fall of the Cholas, Visakhapatnam fell under the supremacy of the Mughal Empire. During the Mughal diktat, the province was a part of the Nizam Empire in Hyderabad. During the 18th century, the city became an important trading centre for the European merchants especially for the French and the English traders before the East Indian Company annexed it.

Vizag was a small fishing village, but now has developed into an industrial center.  Its story began with the mission of British to find a suitable seaport that connects the rich mineral belt of Central provinces with the East Coast.  Vizag is the most secure natural harbor in Asia. Another important milestone was the setting up of the Hindustan Shipyard Ltd in 1940.  In 1950s and 1960s, the Government of India and the private sector set up some large-scale industries like Bharat Heavy Plates and Vessels (B.H.P.V.), Hindustan Zinc Ltd., Caltex oil refinery (later acquired by government as H.P.C.L.), Coramandel Fertilizers, Andhra Polymers (now L.G. Polymers), etc. 1980s saw a major development with the development of Vizag Steel Plant and other major industries. Economic liberalization in the 1990s brought a modest growth to the city but not as much as it did in Hyderabad. However, some industries sprang up like Rain Calclining Ltd., the expansion of H.P.C.L., setting up of Vizag Export Processing Zone, Simhadri thermal Power plant of N.T.P.C., etc. Vizag is now declared as one of ten fastest growing cities of the world according to a recent study conducted by the United Nations. Due to the presence of the Eastern Naval Command, Steel Plant, H.P.C.L., the city has become the home to people from different parts of the country and due to this the city has a cosmopolitan texture to it.


Visakhapatnam (Nicknamed Vizag) is the largest city, both in terms of area and population in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located on the coast of Bay of Bengal in the north eastern region of the state. Visakhapatnam is the principal commercial hub of the state, and contributes to its economy in many sectors such as heavy industries, tourism, industrial minerals, fishing, and information technology. Visakhapatnam Port is the fifth busiest port in India in terms of cargo handled. The city is nestled between the Eastern Ghats mountain range and the Bay of Bengal, and is often known as The Jewel of the East Coast, The City of Destiny and the Goa of the East Coast.

IT/ITES industry

Visakhapatnam is experiencing growth in the IT sector, contributing to the local economy. Incubation center in Visakhapatnam is named as Sunrise Startup Village, the Technology Research and Innovation Park, promoted by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and Startup Village in Private Public Partnership basis at Hill 3 Rushikonda IT Park in Visakhapatnam on the line of Startup Village kochi. Its skilled workforce allowed the entry of many national and international IT and banking firms such as Tech Mahindra, Wipro, IBM Kanexa, Infotech, Concentrix, WNS, Sutherland, Patra and HSBC.

Prestigious R&D project of Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research (SAMEER) is coming up in Gambheeram in Visakhapatnam. Government of India announced its decision to invest Rs.80 crore on India’s first Centre for Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) in Vizag under aegis of SAMEER. Three of the Global Big Four, Google Inc., Accenture and IBM, and India’s IT giants TCS, WIPRO, Infosys and Tech Mahindra are to open offices in the city.


Andhra University College of Engineering (Autonomous), The GITAM University and the Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering are other technical-education institutions in the city. The Indian Maritime University was established as a central university by the government of India by an act of Parliament (the Indian Maritime University Act 2008). Visakhapatnam also has the National Institute of Oceanography. Vizag is due to get India’s First Packaging park with an Indian Institute of Packaging, IIP and BITS Pilani & Birla International School under the aegis of Sarala Birla Academy.