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శభాష్‌.. నాగరాజు

Shabhush .. Nagraj
Sabbhavaram, Newsted: Vidarbha fame is the Amdalapalem village of Sandra Nagarjadi Sabbhavaram mandal on the Everest peak. Family members and villagers are expressing their nervousness as one of the six students to climb the Everest peak. Nagraj was born in a poor family. Parents Sandra Easwara Rao, Lakshmi. Both are illiterate. He was reading the scarcity of the wings of his wings. Nagraj was educated in his 10th class at Sabahavaram Public High School, up to Class 5 in Balmapalape, Later he was intermediate at a private educational institute in Pendurthi. Last year, the B.Sc. in the Srirangar educational institution, the Andhra Pradesh State Youth Service Department has issued a notification for selection of Everest Tipperary. Nagraj, who read it, immediately applied.

Through the barriers ..: District 10 elected from among those who have applied to become one of the paintings. 130 people were selected in the state. They were taken to Vijayawada CBR Sports Academy (Kathakonda). There were 24 participants in the training. Nagraj is one of them. They were taken to Darjeeling on December 18 last year and trained in the shift. After a month, they all reached Vijayawada. Once again, nine people were selected by scanning. Nagraj is also in that. They were taken to the Himalayas on January 23 this year. Upon training there, six were eventually selected. Nagraj was also in the filter. Finally, this six-year-old 8848 meter high rising Everest peak was seen by Shabash.

Infected ..: Your paintings are the archetype of determination. When he was trained in Darjeeling, he was sent by a small fox. He breathed well at that time. But I did not give up. Without any hassle, he went ahead with the striving to climb Everest. He achieved the desired goal of the district, to the district, to the family and to the parents.

.. The serendipity of
the poor, such as their son was born in the family wished to tameppudu teccukuntadani isvararavu paintings parents, Lakshmi said. From childhood, Nagraj’s desire to do more is to stop him from doing anything, but he does not rest until it is achieved. They say that they are reading the children, and they claim that they are their property.